Tasting urine was a routine part of urinalysis in 1828... 🤨

(Lewis Potter) #1

I came across this fascinating case report from a physician describing a patient with diabetes back in 1828.

My favourite quote from the piece is:

“The urine was found to be in colour a light straw, transparent, like highly clarified wine, wholly without odour, of a very pleasant sweet taste.”

I also enjoyed the part where he describes boiling the urine and being left with an ounce of sugar in the pan:

“On boiling, 8 ounces deposited 1 ounce of pure molasses.”

You can check out the full piece in the New England Journal of Medicine.

(Eliudi Kituma) #2

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::raised_hands::raised_hands:Sweet taste resembling exactly a solution of loaf sugar in pure water

(Joseph) #3

Hmmmm… that reminds me, its time for cake!

On a side note, that’s where the whole terminology for Diabetes came from:

Diabetes - derived from Greek meaning to ‘siphon or pass through’ and the Latin Mellitus meaning honeyed or sweet.

On the flip side, insipidus means tasteless (in - not and sapidus - tasty)…

What a delicious topic…

(Lewis Potter) #4

I totally didn’t know either of those facts. That’s fascinating!