Hi I'm Kieran, a Specialist Paramedic studying an MSc in Advanced Practice

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I work for a busy UK ambulance service, with a role that allows me the freedom and autonomy to have clinical leadership and strategic influence.

Love the geeky medics platform - hoping to make use of the OSCE info over the coming weeks, as we’re currently completing our ‘Clinical Examination Skills’ module.

Looking forward to future discussions.

Best wishes,


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Hey Kieran! Thanks for joining the community :raised_hands:

I’d be interested to hear what an average day in your current role looks like (and I’m sure others would be too), as my only interface with paramedics tends to be handing over in A&E resus!

Lovely to have you here Kieran.



(Kieran Potts) #3

Great to be here! Love the forum idea.

My role is somewhat different to the standard ‘Paramedic’. My title is ‘Community Specialist Paramedic’ and I work autonomously on a solo response car (fully marked with kit).

On an average day I’ll either have meetings regarding pathway / procedure creation, commissioner engagement or clinical time (both responding to 999 calls or providing remote advice to ambulance staff).

I also get involved with high intensity users as well as health promotion and prevention in the community.

Our scope is huge as CSP’s, and engagement is our middle name! My MSc studies really compliment my role well, as the pillars of Advanced Practice are intertwined in our aims and goals as CSP’s.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge via the Geeky Medics platform, exceptionally useful right now!

Best wishes,