Hi, I'm Josh, a Medical Student

(Josh Chambers) #1

I’m a 5th year medical student currently doing a BSc in Medical Genetics at Kings College London.

I have studied 4 years of medicine at Norwich Medical School, UEA, and have really enjoyed my time so far. I wanted to learn more about genetics (as it’s absolutely the future of medicine!) so I decided to intercalate this year.

I have interests in Emergency medicine, O&G and Genetics (an odd mix?) and I have just spent 1 month in Joburg, South Africa working in the trauma unit there for my elective.

I have produced content for Geeky Medics - the Mechanism of Labour article and video which was great fun.

I look forward to hearing about what everybody else gets up to in the Geeky Medics Community!

(Lewis Potter) #2

Hey @Joshchambers

Thanks for stopping by!

Genetics is a fascinating field and a great call in my opinion. I think a special interest in genetics can complement whatever speciality you end up choosing, odd mix or not!

Wow, that must have been a really interesting experience. Did you get any hands-on experience of managing trauma?

I had a great time working with yourself and Faye producing this guide and the end result was fantastic (thanks to you both and the associated senior reviewers). If anyone is interested, I’ve embedded the video below and you can check out the whole guide here.

Welcome to the community Josh!

(Josh Chambers) #3

Hi Lewis,

I did get lots of hands on experience in Joburg. Although not very well written (Often at the end of very long shifts) I blogged about my experience out there:

Thanks for linking the article - hopefully others find it interesting :slight_smile:


(Lewis Potter) #4

Ah ok awesome! I’ll have a read. :slightly_smiling_face: