Hi, I'm Henry, a T&O sho in Donegal,Ireland

(Henry Charl Turner) #1

Hi everyone

I’m Henry Turner and I work in T&O in Letterkenny University Hospital in Donegal, Ireland.

I moved to Ireland from South Africa in January 2017 after I finished my mandatory 3 years of internship and community service post graduation.

Let me know if you have any questions about working/living in Ireland or South Africa and I will try my best to provide you with helpful information!



(Josh Chambers) #2

Hi Henry,

Are you having fun in Ireland? I have recently come from my elective at Bara Hospital in Joburg where I spent a month at the trauma unit there, it was great fun. How are you finding T&O compared to back in SA…quiet?


(Henry Charl Turner) #3

Hi Josh

Great man how did you find Bara? I did my Internship and Comm.serve in Helen Joseph and Edenvale also in Joburg. Its a busy, crazy city!

Ortho can get surprisingly busy in Ireland due to the small amount of Orthopedic units that are scattered across the country, but I guess its a bit more manageable than SA in general.

Where are you based at the moment and how did you end up at Bara? :slight_smile:

(Josh Chambers) #4

That makes sense about Ireland, when I was in SA lots of doctors were keen on moving to the UK for training etc…

I did my medical elective there in July, it was very full on but a brilliant learning experience as a student!

I’m currently a 5th year med student at Kings College London doing an intercalated BSc in genetics, but I’m usually based in Norwich.

I have an interest in Emergency medicine, so we’ll see in a few years if that sticks! :slight_smile:

Great to hear of your experience in SA and Ireland!