Hi, I'm Camilla, Community Matron/Complex Care Nurse

(Camilla) #1

My main role is focussing on hospital avoidance for patients with long term conditions, within the community. We case manage these patients focussing on education and self management. I’m currently doing the enhanced clinical assessment course and have my OSCE’s in January. This site was recommended by my course tutor and has been a life saver!

(Lewis Potter) #2

Hey Camilla,

Lovely to hear from you. Your role is one I hadn’t fully understood until I started on my GP training. Community Matron’s were so helpful for so many of my patients, providing both education and emotional support. In my experience, the Community Matron’s had the greatest impact on my patient’s overall sense of well-being.

It’s great to hear the site has been useful, we’re working hard to keep adding value!

Good luck with the OSCEs in January, I’m sure you’ll do great!