Hi fellow geeks!

Hi I’m Ross, I’m a former ambulance paramedic and ECP. I now volunteer with a marine conservation movement so I’m converting myself to wilderness medicine.
As part of my training I attended World Extreme Medicine’s Ocean Course in Plymouth back in May and will attend their conference in Edinburgh this November.
Umming and ahhing whether to do the Msc in Extreme Medicine.
I think Geeky Medics is an excellent site, well done Lewis, and it was well used in my ambulance days, as I’m sure it will be in the future.

Hey Ross, great to have you join the community! You certainly have a fascinating background, it all sounds super interesting! I hadn’t even heard of an Msc in Extreme Medicine!

Thanks for the kind words Ross, Geeky Medics is the culmination of lots of different peoples contributions, so I certainly can’t take too much credit. It’s so great to hear you’ve found the site useful, that’s the sort of thing that motivates me day to day!

I hope the conference is good fun In November and good luck on deciding on the Extreme Medicine Msc!