Have you heard the NEWS2?

(Joseph) #1

Back in December 2017, NEWS2, an updated version of the original National Early Warning Score system was released.

Only now have I started to see it roll out on to my local wards. It now includes sections for oxygen scoring in patients with hypercapnia, recognition of new confusion and more emphasis on seeking help in patients that score highly.

My first reflection was just how long it takes for things to go from research to actually being used on the ‘shopfloor’ but also that this is something that has been adopted around the world and was first developed by the NHS and the RCP!

Has anyone else seen it in use yet?


(Lewis Potter) #2

That’s interesting, I’ve just taken a look and the chart looks somewhat familiar to me. The hospital I’m working at has transitioned to “e-observations”, so I’m not sure if that is based on the NEWS2 algorithm.

(Claire Michelle) #3

Hello, we are just beginning to use it in the community, I work in an intermediate care team and we had found recently when escalating patients our ambulance service is asking for a NEWs score so we needed to incorporate it into our assessments which makes sense as it makes evaluating obs so much clearer. In my 4 years in primary care, we only ever did NEWs for IV patients and that was included in the paperwork from the hospital not our community paperwork.