"Chaperone", To be or not to be?

I have a question regarding “Chaperon”. Usually, we have to offer the patient to perform some sort of examination (e.g. Hernia examination or cervical smear), when a staff nurse is with us and act as a chaperone. I want to know if the patient refuses to be examined while another medical stuff is there, what should I do? Can we perform the examination without a “chaperone”? or we should perform it with a chaperone anyway. I feel that attending medical staff during our examination can prevent any legal issues in the future.

Hey Max,
Maybe try explain to the patient that the attending/staff/nurse are there to assist you incase you need some assistance and to just get a second opinion on things.
However, the legal issue you mention is true and i do not know what to do under that circumstance either. Hopefully the patients agree to the chaperone after explanation

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Hi Habib,
Recently I had a lady who had lump in her breast. After getting consent to examine her, I told her that I have to call one staff nurse to be with us. Well, she refused and she said it’s not necessary! I explained that it should be done as this is our hospital protocol!! Then she said, in this case, you can call someone!
Anyway Thanks for your reply.