6 months on.. A Paramedics perspective

(Kieran Potts) #1

So I’ve been using the geeky medics platform now for six months - it helped me pass my clinical OSCE’s at the end of last year, and also my acute medicine (diagnostics) OSCE’s yesterday… :sunglasses:

Now I’m awaiting my written paper results from today after using the quiz platform for revision (absolutely fantastic, by the way!).

So, for Paramedics gaining more knowledge around medicine and advanced practice, big thumbs up from me :+1:

(Lewis Potter) #2

Congratulations @Kieran.Potts! That’s amazing to hear :slight_smile:

Good luck with the written paper results :crossed_fingers:, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

We’ve just updated the quiz platform, so lots has changed. Hopefully, it’ll continue to provide more educational value for you and others.

I hope you have some plans for some well-deserved relaxation this summer!



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